Sevarth Mahakosh Payment Slip 2023 | Maharashtra Employee Payslip online login

The State Government of Maharashtra has been working with the digital platform and works with a digital website portal to facilitate its citizens and to its public sector employees. Recently the state government has launched its official web portal which is having all employee’s salary account details and their information. It is a self-service portal where all state working employees can access payment information and download their Payslip and other employment-related information. Every single employee must be aware that this Sevarth facility is a unique website portal which is designed by the state government for online services to government employees and pensioners.

Sevarth Mahakosh Maharashtra Pay Slip 2023

The main motive of this portal is that the Government of Maharashtra wants to ease employees’ issues by visiting the Human Resources office for their monthly Payslip and other salary-related queries. From this online portal, the state government also keeps a track and also traces the employee’s information and related data in their record.


Maharashtra Salary Slip 2023


IFMS Maharashtra


Government of Maharashtra


 Government of Maharashtra under Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS)




Online Py Bills / Niwruttivetanwahini (Pension)

Maharashtra Govt Employee Salary Slip Download

Official Website

Maharashtra Seventh Mahakosh Pay Slip Login

Sevarth Mahakosh Payment Slip login process: All employees are informed that they are required to download their monthly payslips and pensioners to access the page. Employees need their login credentials such as user id and password to access their salary account online. Here we have furnished the simple steps to assist you with the login process in the online portal:

  1. First, you are required to visit the official website:

  2. Then you will be directed to the homepage where you need to go to the login section and then it will ask you for the login details which you have to enter such as your username and password.

  3. After that, you need to enter the captcha code on the provided space.

  4. Make sure that all the details filled by you are correct in every manner.

  5. Once you enter your login details, then the portal will display a new page, where you need to go to the employee corner report.

  6. The tab has different options for the employee to select, click on the tab view payslip.

  7. Now you need to select the month and year you wish to view the select the “view” option.

  8. Select the download option to get the printout copy of the salary slip for future reference.

Sevaarth Pension login Download Pension Slip

All the pensioners of Maharashtra state can now access the Sevarth website by just using their login credentials such as user id and password. All the applicants are informed that now they can check the information on pension funds, loans, etc. on the portal. Here we have mentioned the steps to download the pension payslip online:

  1. Firstly you need to visit the official Sevaarth Mahakosh website page

  2. You will be directed to the homepage, where you need to enter your login details such as username and password.

  3. Then you need to fill in the captcha code on the given space.

  4. On the menu list, you are required to select the option Pension report then enter your PPO number.

  5. After that, the system will provide you the pension reports on your computer screen.

  6. To take a hardcopy of the same you need to give a request.

sevarth mahakosh payment slip 2023

Sevarth Mahakosh password Reset/change

Sevarth password forgot: If any state employee forgot the login password and wants to change or reset the same due to some reasons then in that case the employee needs to follow some simple steps to change the password on the website portal. Here we have furnished a step by step process to change or reset the password on the Sevarth Mahakosh portal and receive a new password.

  1. Firstly you need to visit the official Sevarth Mahakosh portal

  2. After that you will be directed to the homepage directly, then you need to go to the login option, enter the DDO username and password.

  3. Now you are required to enter the captcha code on the space provided and click on the submit button.

  4. Once you will be logged in, then you will be needed to fill the options work, followed by the tab payroll.

  5. Then the page will show the change password option, after that you need to click on reset employee password.

  6. Now enter the username and all mandatory details and click the option verify and reset the password.

  7. After that, you will receive a message by the portal that “password has been successfully updated” using the password to login to the portal.

Benefits of Sevarth Mahakosh Portal:

  • It helps the state employees to get their salary details directly from the portal.

  • Employees can file their complaints or queries directly on the portal.

  • Maharashtra state government can easily track the employee’s details by using the portal.

  • By using the portal,the employees are not required to visit the HR office regarding their salary details.

  • The portal helps employees and the government communicate easily.

VETANIKA वेतनिका

Department wise pay verification teams have been formed since 1964 to verify the pay verification of their subordinate officers/employees by various department heads as per the notifications issued by the Government of Maharashtra to the Government employees from time to time as per the recommendations of the Pay Commission. The goal of service book verification in the department is as follows.

Salary Verification मुंबई कोंकण भवन पुणे नागपूर औरंगाबाद नाशिक अमरावती एकूण
The goal of service book verification ९०९१७ ६४१४७ १०६७४३ ८५१५३ ८४१३२ ७२१८३ ५७१६९ ५६०४४४
The pay regulation software has been developed with a view to making them pay verification work as transparent as possible. Therefore, after receiving the service book from the payment verification team, the information about the simplicity of the service book will be understood by the concerned drawing and disbursement officer and staff. / Objection will be informed.If there is an objection to the service book, it will be easier for the concerned office to fulfill the important records or entries in the service book according to that objection and it will also help in speeding up the work of pay verification.

Track Your Service Book Status

  • To track service book status in Vetanika Mahakosh Please click The official website link:
  • Enter Sevaarth Employee ID Or
  • Service Book ID And
  • Enter Token No
  • Click The Submit Button, After that, you will get your service book request online.


How can I get my Sevarth password?
The DDO officers provide the Sevarth password and user id for each department. If an employee needs to change the password, they must request the DDO officer to change the password as default for their login account.

Do I need to change my password the first time I log in to the portal?
All employees need to change their password once they log in for the first time. The system provides a default password of ifms123. Use the change password process above to create a new password and login to the official website.

Can I use my name as an account password?
Once you log in for the first time, it’s advisable to change your password, use a robust unpredictable password to keep your account safe.

Which services comes under IFMS Maharashtra? 

The IFMS Portal is managed by the finance department of Maharashtra state. The IFMS portal gives various services the list of services is given below:-

  1. Nivruttivetanwahini – Old Pension Scheme
  2. Budget Estimation, Allocation & Monitoring System (BEAMS)
  3. Koshwahini – MIS for Expenditure & Receipts
  4. GRAS – Government Receipt Accounting System
  5. Sevaarth – Employees’ Payroll Package
  6. DCPS – Defined Contribution Pension Scheme
  7. Vetanika – Pay Verification Unit – Service Book Status
  8. Arthwahini – Management System for Treasury Net
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