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The state of Rajasthan has inducted the new Rajasthan financial department, a new launch finance management system for all the Rajasthan government employees. This newly inducted Pay Manager website portal, in general, has all the ingredients of all employment essentials matters such as salary slip, leave, pension details loans, etc. this is to update that the IFMS portal is referred to as PayManager, that disburse all the government officials employees earned monthly salary and generally maintains the upkeep of all the employee’s data for easy reference to access as and when required. Just in case if an employee wants to have access to any of the related items can access the portal, all that is needed to have the information is to log in using the user id and saved password.

Rajasthan PayManager 2023 Registration

The first and foremost point to easily access the website portal, all the employees are requested to input their credentials according to the employment records

  1. Just to navigate to the official PayManager website page one should make sure to visit the site

  2. On reaching the menu, go for the option select tab bank registration, which is right below the login option.

  3. All the concerned employees are supposed to enter their employee details exactly just the same way submitted to the employment records to the DDO officer.

  4.  Once done click on the bank option and after that provide the bank code.

  5. The next step now is to choose a username and one has to make sure that the user name is unique and completely different from others and it’s needed to check the availability to ensure that the username is unique.

  6. Make sure to provide the correct address, email, and mobile number for record-keeping.

  7. Once all the details are set one has to have a very strong combination of alphanumeric password and then re-enter the same for confirmation, which is followed by the verify contact tab.

  8. Please keep in mind that the information mentioned is in line with the details at the DDO’s office.

  9. Once done with it the system will confirm the same information and send you an affirmative message to complete the details.

Rajasthan PayManager Login Process:

Once all the registration process is done correctly with all the details, any employee having an account can now login to the Rajasthan PayManager portal as soon as possible instantly.

  1. One has to go onto the Rajasthan PayManager website page

  2. At the homepage, one has to select the option DDO/employee and then click on the login tab.

  3. After entering the username and password to proceed further one has to enter the security code as provided on the page.

  4. One should make it a point that the concerned person is supposed to select the employee option for the next step.

  5. Please select the login tab, down here the related employee details will come onto the screen. The individual can continue with the services that one wishes to avail from the website portal.

Rajasthan employee PayManager Forgot Password:

At any point of time, the employees can change their password as per their need in order to keep their accounts updated and safe; whenever any individual wants they can change the password by login to the page and have the change password option and proceed accordingly with the related instructions given on-screen. Just Incase by default if someone forgets the password, the concerned employee has to verify the system’s details to help provide access to the new password. Some of the essential steps to creating a new password:

  1. Please have a visit at the official Rajasthan PayManager portal

  2. Once open on the homepage, one has to click the forgot password option at the bottom of the same page.

  3. Please note that a new window will pop up once you click the options tab, please be aware that a password form will appear for an individual to fill in the required details.

  4. The next step will be to enter the employee id, an individual bank account number, date of birth, and the registered mobile number for reference.

  5. Please select the option to verify the registered contact mobile number. Once verified the system will validate the number; it should be the same as the first one registered in the account during the registration.

  6. Before any other activities please double check all the registered details and once done then press the enter button; the system will open up with a new password reset page to create a new password (paymanager password reset successfully).

  7. Once you enter the new password kindly re-confirm the same and then click onto the update button.

  8. Once completed please note that the password will automatically change in a blink of a second, and now you can log in to the PayManager portal without any difficulty.

Please make it a point that the employee that wants to change their mobile number has to keep in mind that they update the new one on the website portal and sametime at the DDO office. Any changes made should reflect on the saved account to avoid any denial of access to the website page.

Download Rajasthan Employee salary slip:

  1. Kindly visit the official website page

  2. Please make sure to enter your username and password at the login page, where you can view the related concerned salary bill process.

  3. Reaching on the menu, one has to select the salary preparation tab, please proceed to the concerned employee from the given list of employees. Kindly click on the get employee salary pay slip, please furnish with the details of the slip such as a month, date, and year.

  4. Kindly double-check the payslip details once content and satisfied download the same payslip for your kind reference.

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