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Iosms teacher login,   This is to update and bring it to all concerned notice that now one can download or print iOSMS pay slip directly from the eHRMS online website, the Iosms portal actually designed and dedicated for a primary and high school teacher or any individual working in the education department under the government of West Bengal, Any related individual can get your registration done on IOSMS portal and the concerned can check his or her salary details when one enters the iOSMS pay slip login.

Iosms Teachers Login 

Article WB Iosms Pay Slip Download 2022
Authority Government of West Bengal
Department  School Education Department
Section Integrated Online Salary Management System (iosms Portal)
State West Bengal
Mode iosms online salary
West Bengal Education Dept Website
Official Website For
iosms salary portal

This initiative was taken by the government to introduce the salary slip online to make it easily available online at the website portal with a click of a button in a fraction of a second with the help of the system in disbursing of the salary slip without visiting anywhere, as the world is fast-changing and new technologies coming into existence in day to day’s life this portal was inducted by the financial department to avoid all the time consuming and physical hardship leading to lots of stress and headache in providing with the salary slip to every single individual as soon as possible, This new feature inducted as an online facility under the iOSMS (Integrated Online Salary Management System) website or eHRMS website portal providing an essential and effective way to maintain and save by recording the total yearly annual salaries distributed to the entire employees of the education department.

West Bengal Primary Teacher iosms pay slip download Process

iosms pay slip for primary teacher: One of the major point to be noted that the primary and the high school teachers and the other related team members of the grant in Aid schools of West Bengal can avail the services by having to use the HRMS Portal login link to generate and get an iOMS pay slip (iosms primary school payslip) as one of the official proof for any kind of related official work, Point to be noted that being a government introduced and inducted website the online generated payslip can also be a legal document that can be used or utilized for and government or private services as a proof of employment to avail any kind of monetary loans.

WB iOSMS payslip Contains:

iosms west bengal: As we all know that the pay slip that we receive is one of the most essential and important soft or hard copy documents that we get while working in any kind of the department or organization, one has to learn and know that the salary payment sheet of any individual receiving a salary for any respective month from the department has a major breakup to have a Net Salary to be displayed on-screen or hard copy, The major parameters that are there are like :

  • The Basic Salary (iosms salary),

  • The HRA,

  • The Provident Fund Contribution,

  • The Employee Provident Contribution,

  • The Loan Deduction,

  • The Medical Insurance Claim,

  • All the other various Benefits,

  • All other extra Allowances and the Tax Deducted are calculated in any individual’s salary pay slip.

Please note that the Employee details like the Name, the UAN Number, the Department of work, the location of work, and the Date of the month of the iOMS salary pay slip will be displayed on the screen will be generated and visible online will also be present in the online generated payment sheet, one of the key feature is the presence of the full details of an employee earning with the related personal details can be checked and verified by utilizing the recorded saved pay slip with the help of iOSMS pay slip.

As we all know that Teaching being an important and integral part of the government development programs and as we all know that every second matter hence providing online facilities to all such employees and related employees saves a lot of time by reducing the wastage of excess time involved going out to the office this service is a boon and is an asset to the government helping both the concerned and the education.

Process to Login to iOSMS and Generate IOSMS Pay Slip Online :

In today’s fast-changing world as we all know that almost everything is live available online now, generating the iOMS Salary Pay Slip for any of the desired months for any respective individual is pretty easy from the EHRMS website portal, one of the important points to note is that there is a dedicated official website of Integrated Online Integrated Salary Managing System helps to provide any individual with an interface to generate the monthly salary payslip in quick few steps, To generate the online payslip all the individual has to follow the few given steps that will direct and guide any individual to generate the salary pay slip.

  • The first and foremost step is that any related individual needs to get registered using the online registration process.

  • One has to open the browser and visit

  • Next is to click on the login button given on the right side.

  •  Once done login page will be loaded in a new tab

  • Please select the respective user tab that provides you with the concerned Employment from the dropdown list

  • Next is to Enter the login username and followed by the saved password created during the time of registration

  • One has to type the displayed Captcha code in the column provided and then click on to the login button

  • The concerned details will be then verified and will direct us to the employee page

  • Next is to select the Employee Payslip Generation Option and then click onto it

  • The concerned related account holder has to now enter the Date of Birth followed by the Mobile Number

  • One has to select the Year and Month of Payslip to be generated

  • Click on the Submit button now and wait for select Pay Slip to display

  • Now use the option of download or the print option to generate the salary payslip offline.

  • Please make sure and double-check for the mobile number submitted is the registered one, otherwise if not registered, the verification of all the details will not be successful due to which the salary payslip will not be generated.

West Bengal iOSMS pay slip Features:

No, Only the Government Teachers the [Primary / Secondary(High School)] and the related government institute employees of the education department in West Bengal state can go in to register themselves using the given registration process to avail the iOSMS online payslip facility.

Importance of the iOMSMS pay slip Online:

Generating the payment sheet for the related current or previous month online as soon as possible on-screen at your desktop is time-saving and helps generate the payslip anywhere any time with no wastage of time and the result right in front of you in a few minutes.

WBIFMS Registration: WBIFMS Reset Forgot Password Online Process

As you all know that this is new normal when we forgot the password. Passwords can be sometimes wrongly edited due to some issues and the big challenge is to reset them or to remember them at that moment of time.  The West Bengal state government has set up its website with the unique facility of resetting the forgotten password tab. Here we have given the easy guidelines to reset the forgot the password:

  1. First, you need to navigate to the WBIFMS official website portal link

  2. Once you are directed on the homepage then you need to select the option “E-service” which will be visible on the employee bar section.

  3. When you see on the bottom of the page you will find the option of “forgot password”

  4. Just enter your employee number or Id on the given space.

  5. Then you need to enter your registered mobile number which you have entered at the time of the registration process.

  6. Now enter the security code which is provided, for that you can also refresh it for the same.

  7. After that, the system will generate a new password.

  8. And the password will be sent on your registered mobile number.

  9. Now you may use the Password for the login process.

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